We believe commerce can serve community

We created Supportist to help you make a difference without even changing your routine. All it takes is a little purpose and a lot of love for this town.
Steve Swan
Founder, Supportist
Every day, we shop, eat, and run errands around Bend. What if each of those tasks was an opportunity? An opportunity to connect with someone new. To support the local economy. To give back to the organizations that serve us and all too often go unnoticed.

For years, I wondered how I could make an impact. Day-to-day life was packed—work, taking the kids to soccer practice, getting the car fixed, quality time with family. I felt like I would have to do something big to even make a small difference in my community. And that was overwhelming.
But the truth is, small gestures can make a major impact.
Sometimes, supporting your community is as simple as just going about your day... on purpose.

Supportist was created to be a simple, easy, and affordable way all of us can make a difference in the lives of those around us. Because where you shop, eat, and run errands is also where you meet new people, connect with old friends, and help make your town a true community.

So join us in supporting the people, businesses, and organizations that make Bend such a wonderful place to live. Because small gestures add up to big changes.

Supporting our neighbors

Supportist members get exclusive perks delivered straight to their phone. We help members discover places to gather, eat, shop, and share life together in Bend.

Supporting local charities

We believe business isn’t just about making a buck, it’s about building community. That’s why we pass on 40% of all member dues to local charities. We give first—that money never even hits our bank account.

Supporting local business

Running a local business is tough, but it’s also the backbone of the Bend economy. Supportist is a way to help hard-working local business people reach new customers and connect with the community.

Join the Supportist Movement!

Make new memories, save money, and support your community.
Only $5 per month or $50 per year. 40% goes to a local nonprofit. Cancel anytime.